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Company Name:
China Henan Yamei Carpet Factory
Biz Scope:
China Henan Xichuan County Yamei Carpet Factory is one of the worlds largest handmade carpet manufactures. The company has been founded in 1972.
During more than 30 years, it has been earned several national excellent honors in china. YaMei carpet is one of the important gift that is the Chinese government leader has been presenting to foreign governmental hierarchs.
It is the first selective supplier that the U. N. purchase commodity . YaMei carpet has been selling to America, Germany, France, Italy, also attracted turkey and Iran carpet dealers coming to china for purchasing and intercommunion.
China Henan Yamei Carpet Factory Now, we can supply the following:
1) china artificial silk carpet
200 lines
160 lines
2) china pure silk carpet Persian carpet . rug
260 lines
300 lines
400 lines
500 lines
3) china hand knotted woolen carpets with silk
160 lines usd9/sq. Ft.
200 lines
230 lines
4) china hand knotted woolen carpets
160 lines
Yamei Carpet mostly produce prewashed Persian silk carpet, Natural silk handmade artistic tapestries, cotton handmade carpet, silk-woolen handmade carpet, handmade wool carpe, more than 15.000s. f per year we can produce.
The company has 2000 female workers and 308 engineers.

For the clients convenience, we have moved our company address to China XiAn city in 2000. (YaMei carpet export department) .
XiAn city is the second land port, wherever you come from, you can apply for coming here. Here has conveniently traffic and quick sending goods way across to the Continent, you will be satisfied with heres eating, living and wearing.

Our products are made of top quality 100% natural wool. The woof of the carpet uses 100% pure cotton thread. The resultant product is durable and warm. These carpets are both floor coverings and artwork, and are suitable in any number of locations.
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Available Colors
all kinds of carpet
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10*12 8*10 6*8
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all the world