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Wound String Filters

Main Technical Indices

Inside diameter: 28mm;30mm
Outside diameter: 57mm;63mm;70mm;108mm
Length: 250mm;254mm;500;508mm;750mm;762mm;1016mm

Common Precision:
1um ;5um;10um;20um 30um;40um;50um
Special Precision: 0.2um;0.5um;100um;125um;350um
Temperature Resistance: 900,
Pressure Resistance:0.5MPa
The product is one of the widest applied filters and suitable for filtering the liquid with High impurity content, fabric spinning, PP lines, air spinning PP lines, friction spinning PP lines, absorbent cotton line (with stainless steel frame)
Applying Siemens numerical technology, the product features High stability.
The materials are handled by special scraps removing technique, avoiding plush falling
The lines feature low expansion after absorbing water.
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