Sell woven interlining

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#8505 WHITE, 100%C, 152GSM, 112CM;
#8508 WHITE, T/C, 109GSM, 112CM;
#4262 WHITE, 100%C,92GSM,112CM;
#5850 WHITE, #5850 BLACK, T/C,69GSM,90CM

The various kinds of the men and womens shirt, in coordination with the sleeve opening, collar opening and closing of the diversified shirts.

3410 WHITE, 3410 BLACK, 100%P, 34GSM, 122CM;
5810 WHITE, 5810 BLACK, 100%P, 42GSM, 122CM;
7810 WHITE, 7810 BLACK, 100%P, 60GSM, 122CM;
3310 WHITE, 3310 BLACK, 100%P, 39GSM, 150CM;
3510 WHITE, 3510 BLACK, 100%P, 44GSM,150CM;
The front part and small place of various of the men and womens uniform, western style clothes, leisure clothes, light fashionable dress and womens clothes

2075 WHITE, 2075 BLACK, 100%P, 59GSM, 150CM;
10100 WHITE, 10100 BLACK, P/R, 70GSM, 150CM;
The various kinds of the light and portable men or womens dress, womens fashionable dress, suits, culottes and sportswear.
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Oeko-Tex standard