Sell wrap film, plastic sheet, pe apron, pe glove, garbage bag

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We are a manufacturer and exporter of photodegradable material and relevant products, such as photodegradable and disposable dinner sets, garbage bags, T-shirt bags, gloves, apron, shower cap, cover sheet/ drop sheet/ drop cloth, table cover, raincoat and so on.

1. HDPE/LDPE bags series:
Garbage bags, T-shirt bags, garbage/ T-shirt bags on roll, Wrap film, Food freezing bag and so on. The specification as the customers required.

2. Gloves series:
1) HDPE & LDPE gloves
2) Vinyl & Latex gloves
3) LDPE long sleeve gloves (Veterinary use)
Size: 240mm*900mm, 0.027mm
240mm*900mm, 0.029mm
240mm*900mm. 0.030mm

3. Apron series
1) HDPE/LDPE apron
Size: 24"*42", thickness: 0.020mm
28"*46", thickness: 0.020mm
90*110cm, thickness: 0.020mm
90*130cm, thickness: 0.020mm
700mm*1350mm, 0.035mm
2) Cast LLDPE aprons
700mm* 1100mm, 0.04mm
700mm* 1350mm, 0.04mm

4. Raincoat Series
1) PEVA / PE raincoat
2) PEVA/ PE poncho

5. HDPE/LDPE Cover sheet
2*4m, 2.5*4m, 4*5m, 9'*12', 4*12.5m, 8m*12m, 10m*10m,
2m*5m, and so on.

6. Shower cap, shoes/boots cover, Christmas bags plastic cover, pe table
cloth and ect

Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you are interested in any of our product. We are confident that the prices of our products are most favorable. More photos and other details are showing in our homepage. More details, if required, we are too glad to finish you.

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Polly Weng