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The most fast rolling speed of man-made instrument . Feel and try it!No battery power , pure physical principles, Just using your arm and wrist can make high rolling speed and huge centrifugal force . it is a perfect rolling device . The world record is over 14000 roll/min , the most high rolling is 15000 roll/min.
Wrist ball can increase your wrist strength by playing for fun purpose. It is popular amusing equipment . For the user in the begining , practice it at a different high speed revolving . After you are skillful , you might grasp the secret to let the ball sent out the sound of Bon~~~. At that time , the speed will reach to the speed of 8 cycles per seconds . You may have a new experience about wrist ball.

Cautions of use:
1. Be sure that don't touch the ball body when it is at high-speed revolving.
2. Keep clean inside of ball and avoid any minor articles.
3. Keep away from moist and watered places.
4. As it is precisely produced, never fall on hard surface.
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