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replacement bulb for flashlight
P13.5s is a standard lamp socket, with 13.50mm diameter and total lamp length range from 25.20 to 30.00mm. ◇ With one bright light xenon gas filled bulb ◇ Much higher output when compared to standard lamp ◇ substitute bulbs for applications....
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Xenon Xe
Xenon Xe CAS No.: 7740-63-3 EINECS No.: 237-251-2 UN No.: UN2036 Purity: 99.999% Dot Class: 2.2 Appearance: Colorless Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade Light Source: Xenon could be used for inflat the bulbs and navigatio....

Sell Round Beacon
Features: 1) Dome is made of PC material with high transparency and anti-pressure ability 2) Excellent lustrous and strong penetrating-fog ability 3) High quality halogen bulb or imported xenon strobe light and special driven circuit....
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JSPS0690-PMA Ultra Bright Strobe Kit
Includes: 6 Outlet -- 90 Watt Strobe Power Supply,6 sets of cables,6 M-type Pop-In Xenon tubes. Features: 11-30VD suitable for all vehicles. 28 selectable flashing patterns. Pop-In bulbs for easy installation. Top Made in Taiwan Quality.
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HID H Series Bulbs H1
hid bulus , xenon lamps , hid , xenon light bulb , auto lamp-hid kit , auto hid bulb , metal halide lamp. . Watts:35W12W Voltage:85V117V Starting Voltage: 23 KV Luminous flux: 2800 LM 1 200 LM Lumen maintenance: Within 2250 hours no less ....

AUTO HID Xenon Conversion Kits
AUTO HID CONVERSION KITS HID Bulb:12V/35W , 2 bulbs. HID Ballast with built-in ignitor 2 Pieces. ( for Bi-xenon kit, 4 ballasts ) HID Ballast Power Connection Cable 2 Pieces Screws 8 pieces 2 Brackets ( for Bi-xenon kit, 4 Brackets) 1....

peferct package HID xenon bulb for auto headlight
1. HID lamp means high intensity discharge lamp. 2. Luminescences theory of the HID. Filled the HIDs luminous pipe with Xe and metal halide, blazing with the high pressure, pipe will produce a steady arc, discharge the electricity and illuminate.....
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warning light/led warning light
and generous shape, double-layer structure; using large power bulb with higher brghtness; suitable for kinds of vehicles. {dome}imported high-strength pc material, with excellent lustrous and high penetrating-fog ability. {base}aluminum alloy....
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Led torch/flashlight:SH712
metal torch with 6 white Led and 1 xenon bulb and strap;2*CR123A battery used.
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FL201 - LED / Xenon Flashlight
Aluminium Led/Xenon Flashlight(6Led+Xenon bulb)
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