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Xylooligosaccharides(XOS) are sugar oligomers

make up of xylose unites. XOS favour the

selective growth of Bifidobacterium, which have

important biological effects:(1) suppress the

activity of entero putrefactive and pathogenic.

(2) facilitate the absorption of nutrients. XOS

can be used as ingredients of functional food,

cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or agricultural


in addition to the healthy effects, XOS present

interesting physico-chemical properties, they are

moderately sweet, stable over a wide rang of PH

and temperatures and have organoleptic

characteristics suitable for incorporation into


XOS are naturelly present in fruits, vegetables,

bamboo, honey and milk and can be produced at

industrial scale from xyla-rich materials. they

are apply to many fieldes, including

pharmaceuticals, food and feed and agricultural


Specification of Xylo-oligosaccharide

Appearance: White Powder

As: 0.3mg/kg max

Pb: 0.5mg/kg max

PH: 3.0-6.0

Ash: 0.3%max

XOS contents: 95%min

Moisture: 5%max

Total Bacteria: 1000 CFU/G max

Coliform Bacteria: nil

Total Mold: 10 CFU/G max

Total Yeast: 10 CFU/G max

our specification including 95%,70%(powder and

liquid) ,35%, welcom to contact with us.
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