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Characteristics: 1. Effective intaking dose is small. Comparing with other oligosaccharides, the cost performance is much higher. Daily effective intaking dose is only 0.7-1.4g. 2. Proliferate Bacillus Bifidus with high-selectivity and improve intestinal flora composition Bacillus Bifidus proliferates because of the high-selectivity of XOS. Intaking dose of XOS for most of the intestinal bacteria is 0.7-1.4g, whereas other oligosaccharide or FOS is highly reached 5.0-20.0g every day. Experiments (table 8-3) shows that after intaking XOS only 0.7g orally every day for 2 weeks, proportion of bifidobacteria which lies in the colon bacillus is increased from 8.5% to 17.9%, whereas the proportion of bacteroid which may cause diseases is decreased from 52.6% to 44.4%. After three weeks, proportion of bifidobacteria increases to 20.2%, whereas proportion of bacteroid decreases to 32.9%. Influences on biomass microorganism population 3. XOS is difficult to be decomposed by human digestive enzyme system. Digestive tests show that XOS can not be decomposed by digestive juice like saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and intestinal juice. There is also no influences with blood sugar, no increasing insulin level in blood and no fat deposition. It is especially applicable for patients with diabetes, obesity and hypertension. 4. Water activity and anti-freezing. The water activity of XOS is good. Food with XOS is superior in anti-freezing. 5. Improve bowel movement. XOS can improve bowel movement. Intaking XOS moisturizes feces, which changes its form, thus constipation is prevented. 6. It has good stability in anti-acid and anti-heating Compared with other oligosaccharides, XOS can not be decomposed even heated to 100 centigrade under acid conditions (PH value=2.5-8) , which covers the PH value of most foods. So, it can be extensively applied to foods, medicine and healthcare products. 7. Super stability for storage Laboratory result below is under temperature 37 centigrade. Storage for 2 month, under temperature 37 centigrade, with PH value 2.5, 7.0 and 8.0, the XOS residual rate is 99.6%, 99.1% and 97.9% respectively. Further research verifies that storage 1 year under room temperature with PH value 3.4, the XOS residual rate still reaches 97% highly.
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