Sell xyz fluid dispensing robot (adhesive machine)

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TH-2004AE xyz dispensing equipment

Detail Configure

* XY axis servomotor&drive
* Z axis step motor&drive
* X, Y, Z three axis master screw slide rail
* T&H control software
*PC Computer(key/mouse/rocker)
* video programming system(reticle target)
* Machine tab wegiht:210kg
* Air pressure:1-7kgf/cm2
* XY axis rang X500*Y500mm
* Zaxis rang:80mm
* Photoelectricity limit place protective drive.
* T&H xyz three axis run control card.
* CCD camera
* Power:750W
* Voltage:AC110-220V

Head: Single
Dispensing control system:1set
Cartridge: 1set of tank
Dispensing head: valve
Max load:40KG
Orientation Precision:10.015mm
Deposit precision:10.0001ml
Moving speed:1-1000mm/Sec
work rang:X500*Y500mm

Head: Two
Dispensing control system:2 sets
Cartridge: 2set of tank Dispensing head: valve
Max load: 40KG
Orientation Precision:10.05mm
Deposit precision10.0001ml
Moving speed:1-1000mm/Sec
Work rang:X650*Y500mm
Double headed vernier adjust clamp:1set

1. TH-2004AE2 for the sealing compound work area big, the sealing compound way complex, the high precision product, Uses the international advanced CCD assistance programming technology, becomes directly through the camera to see small product enlargement Image on the computer monitor, through Operating rod or the mouse moves the machine can fast and High accurate guidance edition arbitrary shape plane or three-dimensional three dimensional sealing compound line segment and graph, Also may directly ready the CAD files or the G code document to the software procedure the sealing glue way. The computer control system have 80G hard disk, Can infinitude save file,

2. The equipment add the large capacity pressure tank to supply, And avoids the material waste and reduced refueling time, The deposit dispensing and movement directly by control software transmission instruction to opening or t closure gun, Thus realization machine movement and dispensing deposit perfect combine. Achieves the dispensing evenly , Locates accurately.

3. TianHao control software use the man-machine conversation window, The Chinese and English may select. even setting work record seek function easy to the production and the material management

Using rang

Each kind of big area and high precision filling glue produces.
Brand Name
tianhao dispensing