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Zinc picolinate is a product of the picolinate series , which have been proved to be effective for animals without the side effect of those of the relevant inorganic salts.
Some other inorganic like zinc chloride , zinc sulfate , may pose some problems , such as poor absorption , for animals, whereas the picolinate chelates are free of those concerns, which make the organic mineral products promising.

Mineral uptake by tissues is far greater when the mineral is a Picolinate, rather than the other forms. Since our bodies utilize Picolinic acid to absorb and transport certain minerals, and our cells recognize mineral picolinates and readily use them, it makes sense to design mineral supplements based on this knowledge.

There is evidence that zinc may be a component of other hormones in addition to insulin, and that it is involved in cell membrane health. Surgeons have recognized the importance of zinc in wound healing - and studies show that zinc reduces infections as well. But research nutritionists have been perplexed by zinc's behavior. Persons eating adequate amounts of zinc do not always absorb adequate amounts of zinc.