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Zoom Stereo Microscope The innovative feature adopted in this model is that the Ergonomic technique is incorporated in JJSZ-5 symmetrically, which forwards the JJSZ-5 to be operated much more conveniently and naturally. The wide sleek base makes operators handle samples much easier and more comfortably and the rugged stand makes operators adjust the focusing system much more smoothly. Therefore, It can minimize the humane fatigue from the long working time. This high resolution is unique product of BRIGHT, perfect for electronic industry, education demonstration Ergonomic design has made the JJSZ-5 compatible with the manner in which you work & study. The plain stand features a trim design that makes
Handling samples much easier. Moreover, the base has a wide front and smooth curves, allowing operators to work while resting their arms in a natural position. The ideally positioned focusing controls are placed conveniently to minimize fatigue.
Magnification: 0. 7X to 3X
Zoom ratio: 4. 3: 1
Working distance: 97mm
WF eyepiece: WF10X/20mm
Optional Attachment:
Auxiliary Objectives: 2X(WD: 50mm)
Wide Field Eyepiece: WF15X/16mm, WF20X/12. 5mm
Ring Fluorescence Illumination
Spot illumination
(mm) Eyepiece
WF10X/18 WF15X/14 WF20X/11
Magnification Visual
Field (MM) Total
Magnification Visual
Field (MM) Total
Magnification Visual Field (MM)
97mm 7x-30x 28. 6-6. 7 10. 5x-45x 22. 9-5. 3 14x-60x 17. 9-4. 2
50mm 14x-60x 14. 3-3. 3 21x-90x 11. 4-2. 7 28x-120x 8. 9-2. 1

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