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Binaural Beats For Sleep

Use this simple audio technique to induce a restful and rejuvenating slumber

Posted:Jan 21
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This article explores how you can use binaural beats for sleep to help you get a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep, without the need for drugs or expensive gadgets. We begin with an explanation of what binaural beats are, along with some interesting properties that can be used to tell our brains to slow down in preparation for sleep. We'll cover each of the brainwave states with a detailed explanation of what defines each state. Finally, we'll wrap up by telling you how you can use the simple principle of brainwave entrainment along with specially targeted binaural beats to create a perfect environment for sleep - using our totally Free Fuzing App. So read on to discover how binaural beats for sleep can help you attain blissful slumber.

What Are Binaural Beats?

In 1839, physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that when an audio tone at one frequency is presented to the right ear, and a slightly different frequency tone is presented to the left ear, the human brain "resolves" the small difference by perceiving a third frequency, now known as the "binaural beat frequency," which is simply the difference between the two.

For example, if your right ear is presented with a tone at a frequency of 200hz while your left ear is presented with a tone at 206hz, your brain perceives both of the original tones, along with a third, low-frequency tone at 6hz, which is the difference in frequency between the two.


Click on the above audio to hear binaural beats - listen through headphones or ear-buds. In addition to the two tones, you should hear the binaural beats as sound pulses with a rate of around 4 times per second.

Interesting Properties of Binaural Beats

Numerous studies have shown that in addition to deriving the binaural beat frequency, the brain will begin to follow or match its activity to that frequency, a phenomenon known as "brainwave entrainment."

Decades ago, scientists identified the fact that the brain operates at different frequencies depending upon its current state. Having studied patients over the years, they also knew what frequencies corresponded to each specific brain state. They understood that lower brainwave frequencies correlate with more relaxed states, with sleep being associated with the lowest. Higher brainwave frequencies correlate with states that are more alert and active. At the highest frequencies, subjects demonstrate the highest levels of alertness and focus. They postulated that binaural beats could be used to gently coax the brain into a new, desired state, using the brainwave entrainment principle outlined above. Several well-known, peer-reviewed studies have confirmed this notion that binaural beats can achieve this to great effect.

In addition to the above, one interesting property with binaural beats is that their effects can be enhanced when used in the presence of additional sounds, such as white-noise, music, nature and ASMR sounds.

Brainwave Frequencies and Associated Mental States

Before exploring how we can use binaural beats for sleep, it is worth providing a synopsis of the various brainwave frequencies and their associated states.

Brainwave states and associated benefits

Delta Frequencies - 0.5hz - 4.0hz

Delta brainwave frequencies are associated with deep sleep, with an absence of dreams. This state is also associated with rejuvenation and healing. There is a decrease in Cortisol production at these frequencies and an increase in growth hormone, DHEA, serotonin, and melatonin secretions. When in this state, the body experiences lower blood pressure, lower respiration rates, and slightly lower temperatures.

Theta Frequencies - 4.0hz - 7.5hz

Theta brainwave frequencies are associated with more active (REM) sleep, deep meditation, and daydreaming activities. This state is also associated with enhanced insights, intuition, and creativity. The state is also described as contemplative or "free-flowing."

Alpha Frequencies - 7.5hz - 14hz

Alpha brainwave frequencies are associated with physical and mental relaxation and often occur during the evening wind-down or when waking up in the morning. This state is also associated with stress reduction, inward focus, and a sense of calm. Guided meditation will induce this state.

Beta Frequencies - 14hz - 30hz

Beta Frequencies occur in the Normal awake and alert state. In this state, a person is thinking actively and analytically. Problem-solving and decision-making typically occur in this state.

Gamma Frequencies - 30hz - 100hz

Gamma frequencies occur in the most active brain state when the brain is very highly focused and engaged. This state is associated with enhanced memory recall and learning and with peak awareness and focus.

Binaural Beats For Sleep

To induce and prolong restful sleep, you should be focused on brainwave entrainment that aims to gently coax the brain to operate at frequencies in the Delta range.

The Fuzing App provides a pair of binaural beats for sleep audio loops in the Delta frequency range, designed specifically to induce and enhance a night of restful sleep. Select from one of our "Deep Sleep Pre-mixes," or create your own personal mix by combining one of our binaural beats for sleep loops with one of our numerous soothing background loops.

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