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Guided Sleep Meditation

How guided meditation can improve your sleep

Posted:Jan 26
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Meditation is often heralded as a panacea of sorts for all manner of maladies. In this article, we will be looking specifically at Guided Sleep Meditation's effects in relieving insomnia and improving sleep. We will begin our discussion with a definition of guided meditation and then explore how we can tailor guided meditation to help those with insomnia to get a better night's sleep.

What is Guided Meditation?

In general terms, guided meditation is the practice of meditation, guided by another's voice. The voice may be that of a medical practitioner in a live setting or an audio recording in a non-live setting. Guided meditations can range from simple mindfulness exercises that focus on the breath, heartbeat, or parts of the body to quite complex visualizations where the meditator is guided on a journey and given latitude to imagine rich surroundings that tap into each of the five senses.

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Guided Sleep Meditation

Guided meditation can be targeted at insomnia, with a specific goal of improving sleep outcomes.

In clinical settings, meditation or mindfulness is often paired with complementary treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). These combination therapies are considered highly effective but will be invariably administered under a physician's supervision.

On the other hand, guided sleep meditation can be readily practiced by anyone outside of the clinical setting, without expensive equipment, and will often result in positive outcomes. This being said, the usual disclaimers apply here - for chronic insomnia, you should seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

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One last thing - The key to any form of meditation is to treat the process like you would a work-out. You should practice every day and ingrain your practice so that it becomes a habit. With time, meditation and mindfulness practice will become easier and more effective.

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